WebEx Mail. Feature Rich Email

Email is one of the most important applications for any business and yes especially small businesses. Webex, in case you didn’t know, is not only a web conference provider but it’s also a provider of Webex WebOffice a hosted office featuring document collaboration, calendaring, database, discussion board and other features.

On 29 January WebEx launched a powerful component to Webex WebOffice, WebEx Mail.
If you’ve used Gmail or some other pretty cool email service – WebEx Mail is just as good or better, and it integrates seamlessly with Webex WebOffice.
Although WebEx Mail is web based you’ll get many of the features you would expect in a desktop application.
It’s features include:
It has advanced features like right-click menus, drag-and-drop functionality, keyboard hotkeys and fast page updates. Manage and Sort your mail manually or automatically using rules and message preview allows you to quickly scan messages without opening them.
WebEx Mail emulates the speed and functionality of a desktop application. Advanced features like right-click menus, drag-and-drop functionality, keyboard hotkeys and fast page updates make it easy to use. You can even set up custom rules that automatically manage and sort your mai
WebEx Mail’s powerful Live Search functionality gives you real-time results as you type. With 3 levels of search options, WebEx Mail makes it easy to find the information you need fast.
Use MicrosoftÆ Outlook or other client software to check or send email from your desk, from the road, or from your compatible mobile device. WebEx Mail provides SSL encryption for server connections to ensure the highest level of security for your information.
The only email service I can think of that comes close to WebEx Mail is BlueTie (really cool email).
Other online office services include Microsoft’s Office Live, HyperOffice, St. Bernard’s Live Prism, ThinkFree and Google.
There’s many, many services that provide email only or that provide collaboration via a local server with software. These solutions provide business communication & productivity tools via the Internet.