When Small Business Products Go Up

Often times, bigger companies, “dumb down” their products to reduce the price and sell it to small businesses. SAP, for example, has for years sold to large businesses products that cost hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.
But as you know they now are selling products priced much more affordable to smaller businesses.
What’s interesting is when products made for smaller businesses are pushed to their limits and sold to larger businesses.
Intuit’s Quickbooks Enterprise is one example. FrontRange Software’s Goldmine is now another.
Integrated Marketing writes “We found a lot of our customers were pushing GoldMine to its limits,” said Greg Anderson, senior director of product for FrontRange Solutions. “Small- and medium- sized businesses want enterprise class functionality… to be able to get information out so that they can manage their business more effectively but need to have a way to implement it very quickly and start getting a return on investment,” he added.
If you’ve been pushing GoldMine to the limit, you now have a more robust solution.
Think about other software you are using. Do you find that your business has grown, but the software has not grown with it? Talk to your vendor and see if they are coming out with a solution that fits you better.
If they are not, consider switching to a more robust product that can grow with you and not stifle your growth.