Xerox Launches New Printers – High Speed and Low Price

On Monday Xerox launched a brand new line of printers and multi-function devices.
Xerox’s color lineup includes two new desktop multifunction systems and three new color printers, one of which is the fastest letter-size color laser printer in the market, according to Xerox. Pricing for the new products starts at $499; the printers and multifunction products print from 5 color pages per minute to 42 ppm.
Xerox is also complementing its office portfolio with two new fax machines, wireless-networking capabilities for its printers and MFPs, and an office finisher that provides advanced features without taking up floor space.
What does this mean to you?
If you are looking for a new printer, or need to upgrade the one you have the printing market has a LOT of choices for you to consider.
Color printing, at a low price will continue. The low price includes the cost per page and the cost of the printer itself.
All of Xerox’s new printers are at $1500 or below.
To get optimal printing don’t use regular copy paper, but do pay a bit more for paper that enables a better look for printed material.
As you buy printers for your business, I do recommend that you stick with one vendor. It’s much easier to manage 5 printers from Xerox, then 1 from Xerox, 2 from HP and 1 from Lexmark.
How can you tell which printer is for you? Service and support options are important, as well as features that are important to you. Many of the speeds specifications are similar, but work with your reseller (one who is not biased towards a particular vendor or is pushing you towards one vendor to get a bigger sales commission) to find the color laser printer that’s best for you.