Archive of March 2007

Do You Need A Marketing Plan?

Why do you need to market your business? You need to market your business in order to let customers and potential customers know about the services or products you are selling. If no one buys from you – you don’t get any income and can’t continue your businesses. Marketing is so important. Of course there’s […]

Goodies: Google’s Free Software Pack Adds More

The word FREE is one of the catchiest words in the English language – that’s why so many spammers use it I guess. Google’s added to its “Google pack” of free software. What’s new: Symantec Norton Security Scan: Get basic virus protection from a world leader in PC security. Security Scan features automatic security updates […]

HP: Increased Focus on YOU! (Yeah…Small Businesses)

Yesterday, at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, Hewlett-Packard launched a fresh push to reach small businesses. This renewed and more targeted push, builds on initiatives HP launched a few months ago. Yesterday’s announcement is more than just a simple “flash in the pan” marketing ploy, but is a well thought out strategy comprised of […]

eFax: Ditch the Fax Machine. Empower Your Business

eFax is a company that helps you enhance your communication efficiency. Instead of receiving faxes in a fax machine – you can use eFax and I’m please that they’ll be supporting What’s wrong with traditional fax machines? To send a fax you have to have access to your fax machine. If you’re at a […]

TripSync – Making Travel Arrangements Efficient

Over the past several months, I’ve done a decent amount of traveling. Nothing as extensive as a someone who travels several times a month – but it’s been enough to become more familiar with Travelocity than I want to. For companies without your own travel agent or personal planner, you’re probably tired of making reservations, […]

IBM and 3Com Tout Integrated Communications

System i is IBM’s answer to the blossoming of PC based servers, like weeds, in a company. Very small businesses, probably get by on 1 – 3 servers. However, as your business grows, you’ll probably find that you need a server for email, databases, file and other applications. IBM and 3Com have joined together to […]