Addiing Search To Your Web Site with Picosearch

I’ve been using Google’s free search service to manage the searches on, however, one of the disadvantages of Google, according to Piccosearch, is that Google’s services filters results from their entire internet search engine. With this you receive limited design operability and little direct control over the content that gets indexed on your site or how often it gets indexed. New and recently changed website pages may take a while to show up in Google.
With Picosearch, you can customize your search and match the results with your website design. You can track statistics for what people have been searching for and re-index whenever your website changes to reflect new content.
I think I’ll switch to Picosearch tonight
Of course Google’s search engine appliance is much more robust but it has to be installed and maintained by technical experts.
Picosearch was established in 1998 and claims to be one of the first providers to to bring hosted search to the market.
Search is so important for your web site. You can bring a lot of people to the web site and have great navigation. But if people need to search for something, and they will, nothing beats having a great, updated search engine.