Analog Phone? Want VOIP? Not a Problem with Portico

Maybe you’re jealously licking your lips, like a vulture on the side lines, waiting for lions to finish eating, as other businesses leverage the benefits of VOIP.
You think you can’t afford VOIP right now because you’ve invested in an analog telephone system and the phones you have can’t access VOIP networks.
Well the wait is over.
Citel, recently launched the PorticoTelephone VoIP Adapter (TVATM) enabling businesses to quickly and affordably convert existing PBX phones into IP phones over existing wiring infrastructure. The Portico platform delivers the features and functionality of VoIP without the costs associated with typical “rip and replace” VoIP migration solutions, such as network upgrades, new handsets, and retraining.
This is an interesting solution and I’d be curious what others think about this.
One outsourced phone vendor told me that they don’t encourage their customers to use these systems. Trying to save money on phones (which can cost $300 or so per phone) sounds nice, but they said that sometimes it could cost just as much or more to do a “poor man’s” VOIP system.
As a side note – Actiontec Electronics has a service Vosky Exchange which lets your regular PBX connect to Skype.