Best Buy, Buys Speakeasy: Now Selling VOIP and Internet Access

Wow! Best Buy, the mega electronics retailer and owner of Best Buy for Business will now start selling VOIP and internet service, through their purchase of Speakeasy.
What does this mean to you?
Consolidation. Bottom line.
Big companies want to get bigger and be able to provide additional, value added services to their customers.
Best Buy for Business makes its money selling products and services to small businesses.
Being able to offer additional services to their small business customers is what will bring in more money. In addition, Best Buy can leverage Speakeasy’s customers and sell them on Best Buy services.
For you, you really have to consider if you want to buy as many services and products as you can from one company, or instead purchase various technology components from more than one vendor.
For example, what if Speakeasy’s VOIP or internet service is not great. You might want to buy from another provider. On the other hand, having one bill and one vendor for as much of your technology as possible could be appealing to you.