Competing, Using Great Customer Service

There’s many things smaller businesses simply can’t compete against a large business in. But one thing they CAN compete in is customer service, speed and efficiency.
In a physical retail store, these attributes are difficult to get all your employees to do, but not impossible. HOWEVER, online, you can ensure your business is competing on an equal or even better level than your bigger competition.
In the context of a retail store, Forbes writes Rather than quake in your boots when a Wal-Mart, Lowes or Home Depot breaks ground, instead press your advantage. Your store is more than a store; it’s even more than a solution to a customer’s problem. It’s an experience. And who better to deliver that experience than mom-and-pop shops?
Fact is, customer service is your one tried and true weapon against those behemoth retailers–which, if they haven’t already moved in next door, are bound to sooner or later. When they do, you have a choice: compete, or close up shop.
Online your web site can be a powerful weapon.
For example, I recently purchased some more credit on Skype and also changed my password – it took literally seconds for all the transactions to take place. The entire operation was 100% seamless.
Skype is a relatively big company, but YOU can do the same on your web site and in your business.
1. Do you respond quickly to email or at least use an auto-reply so customers know you received the email.
2. Do you use a virtual phone system when you are away from the office, if no one can answer the phone.
3. Can customers track their orders on your web site.
4. Do you have an emergency or priority number for key customers.
5. When customers call or email, can your CRM system tell you as much as you need to know about them, without you asking them for details.
Read the entire Forbes article here.