Connecting Your Business, it’s NOT the Vendor it’s YOU

Microsoft released a press release that reads Microsoft Details Vision for Building a Connected Business. The second I read the press release, I rejected the notion immediately.
I’ll explain. For years, Microsoft and other vendors have made technology that has helped us do more with less in our businesses. Customer service, collaboration, communication, record keeping, finding new customers and so many other things are done much better thanks to technology.
There’s a constant drum beat by Microsoft in making their software better, to help businesses better connect their data and make it useful information.
It’s not Microsoft why it’s not happening.
Sure, Microsoft can continue to evolve its technology to make it easier to build a “connected enterprise” as it says in its press release. HOWEVER, in the year 2007 ALL THE TOOLS to connect your enterprise are here.
Be it connecting traditional software or using hosted applications – any good programmer and tech person can build a reasonably connected enterprise.
If you use File Maker’s databases – that’s a start. Use ACT! or Gold Mine Software to manage your CRM. You can then easily connect CRM to your mobile devices. Seagate’s making some really cool storage technology. I could go on and on! (I didn’t even mention Google yet)
It’s all here and relatively easy for someone with expertise to connect the business pieces.
Connecting business information and people is not being done more because many small businesses a) still don’t know the power of technology b) don’t have the time to think about it c) often don’t know who to turn to or how to start.
Think about it – many don’t have web sites!
You can break the mold. Sit down with your technology consultant or even a biased vendor and get some insight into how you can HARNESS your data to make it POWERFUL information.