ConnectMe Mobile: Bring Your Office With You – Inside Your Smartphone

Having fax, document sharing, voice mail, “virtual PBX” functionality and other features is pretty easy to do with many virtual phone systems and/or IP based PBX systems. Combine these with a server and you’ve pretty much got a decent mobile solution.
When you’re on the road a combination of cell phone and notebook computer is all you’ll need.
But there’s a problem.
1. Often these systems are not as seamlessly integrated as you’d like and
2. What if you don’t want to carry your notebook everyone. Frankly, I’ve seen guys with a notebook, cell phone and Black Berry.
What to do?
This is where ConnectMe Mobile comes in.
The ConnectMe Mobile service transforms a smartphone into a fully-featured mobile PBX. ConnectMe Mobile also adds a secure, encrypted connection to shared and personal folders on a hosted network drive allowing companies to manage and collaborate on thousands of documents. ConnectMe Mobile’s personal fax view lets users point and drag faxes allowing for easy reading of multi-page faxes. ConnectMe Mobile users can access and change all of their settings directly from their smartphone, ensuring maximum mobility.
Mobile Anywhere is designed for the single user and costs $24.95 month. Mobile Biz supports up to 10 employees for $59.95 and Mobile Corporate supports 20 users with additional features for $79.95.
Does it make sense. With just your smartphone you can access pretty much your entire office operations. When you get voice mail – READ it on a scree, don’t bother listening to it.
There’s no hardware to purchase or minimal software to install.
Specific features include:
Visual voicemail – graphically displays voicemail messages in an email-like window, allowing the user to quickly identify, listen and respond to the most important messages.
FollowMe call control – lets users easily forward calls to other phones ensuring important calls are never missed when a user is at a location where cell phone use is prohibited (e.g. hospital), unreliable (e.g. locations with spotty cellular coverage) or unavailable (e.g. remote customer locations or exotic vacation destinations).
Audio email – lets users record and send voice message to any contacts in the user’s Microsoft Outlook address book or ConnectMe Mobile service extension to easily communicate brief, but important, information to one or more people when it is inconvenient to write an email or when it is necessary to convey emotion.
Personal fax – an innovative ‘point-and-drag’ viewer lets users read faxes on their smartphones much more easily. This is particularly important for mobile employees without access to a fax machine or laptop.
ConnectMe Docs – lets users easily and securely manage documents and work collaboratively from both PCs and smartphones using encrypted web-based shared and personal folders with hosted server space that begins with 1GB of drive space – enough space to store thousands of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and other documents.
Companies like Cbeyond and Gotvmail have similar offerings. TalkSwith is an appliance that also boosts your telephone usage.