Dashboard for Your Business

Driving west on Route 80 to Ohio recently I periodically looked at my gauges to check up on my speed, gas and mileage.
As your business speeds (or putters) along, being able to see gauges, to quickly know the status of things – is important.
Check out Business Gauges to download and customize a dashboard for your business.
I browsed through BusinessGauges.com and from the looks of things, this looks like a neat and quite powerful tool. You can get input from a variety of data sources and monitor your business data in real time.
Web Page Sensors
Database Sensors
Asynchronous Sensors (listen for incoming performance updates from any enterprise application, message bus or service bus)
and more
From their web site:
Closely monitor your competition. Using Business Gauges web page sensors you can now survey your competitor’s web sites and be informed in real-time if they offer better deals.
Keep track over your e-store performance. Business Gauges can be configured to monitor and show your e-store performance, in real-time. You can measure web site hits, completed transactions and other valuable indications to help you make informed decisions.
Let Business Gauges do the work for you. We know how busy you are, so instead of you having to go after the information, let Business Gauges bring the information directly to you.

One thought on “Dashboard for Your Business

  1. Caroline Melberg

    Sounds like a great product – too bad they don’t support Mac computers – they had me sold!
    Great site – keep up the great blog, Ramon!

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