Dear Mom and Pop: Technology Isn’t Just For Big Boys

If you think that because your real small business, “mom and pop” and can afford to NOT embrace technology, your wrong. You’ll find that your competition can be a cause of you GOING out of business with their use of technology and your lack of it.
Forbes writesOne is a small music store that, despite pressure from “big box” retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, has been an anchor of our Potsdam, N.Y., community for 30 years. For 28 of those years the owners used a plain old cash register, which rung up around $1 million a year in revenues.
Last Christmas, however, I noticed that the store had a fancy new point-of-sale system, with touch screens and barcode scanners. I asked the store owner why he made the technological leap. He escorted me to the back office and, in a hushed voice, told me that an employee had managed to rip off $80,000 from the cash drawer over the previous three years. His fancy new system promised to prevent that sort of thing.

I was honored to recently go through some applications for a technology makeover. What was sad, heartening and enlightening was that that there are SO MANY small businesses who simply do not know how to implement effective technology solutions.
There is hope.
Your local technology consultant is your key to success. You’ll find that you might need 2 – 3 experts. One for your core technology – servers, pcs, network security and etc. Another for your online technology – web site building, online marketing, etc. A third component could be mobile technology.
However you handle your technology make sure your are ON the technology train and not in front of it, getting run over.