eBook Review: How to Use E-Mail to Skyrocket Your Sales, Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

(photo from Worth1000) Email marketing is a VERY, VERY powerful way to market your products or services. Traditional banner advertising on web sites has a low click through rate, but email marketing often gets higher and overall better results.
According to a new study released today by Bredin Business Information, Inc. (BBI), email newsletters are one of the two most important sources for business management information and advice for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Read the full press release here.
One of the challenges of email marketing is its complexity due to the availability of so many options and avenues of marketing.
Small Business Mavericks ebook, “How to Use E-mail to Skyrocket Your Sales
Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket!
” is 154 pages and gives you a solid overview of email marketing.
I was glad that each chapter concludes with a summary of that chapters content and with a list of online resources.
One of the sections covers “ezine service vs Do-It-yourself”. If you’ve started your email newsletter by using the “BCC” line of your email program, you’ll soon find out that it becomes more and more difficult to manage signing up new users and sending the email out.
Another nice area of How to Use E-mail to Skyrocket Your Sales
Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket!
includes considering the purpose of your newsletter:
ï Is your purpose in creating your e-zine to sell more of a service
you already offer, such as a consultant, chiropractor, fitness
coach, realtor or CPA?
ï Is your purpose in creating your e-zine to augment your service
business with a line of information products related to your
business to increase your profits?
ï Is your purpose to expand the sales of products that you
already carry in your brick-and-mortar location – or to offer an
expanded selection available only online?
ï Is your desire to use your e-zine to market to prospective
customers, existing customers or both?
ï Do you want to use your e-zine to help establish yourself as an
expert in your industry or field?
Once you know exactly what your goals for your e-zine are, and what
you want to sell with your e-zine, then you’re ready to decide what
the angle or topic for your e-zine will be.

Chris Baggot, founder of email marketing company Exact Target is coming out with a book in April on email marketing, “Email Marketing By the Numbers: How to Use the World’s Greatest Marketing Tool to Take Any Organization to the Next Level