eFax: Ditch the Fax Machine. Empower Your Business

eFax is a company that helps you enhance your communication efficiency.
Instead of receiving faxes in a fax machine – you can use eFax and I’m please that they’ll be supporting Smallbiztechnology.com
What’s wrong with traditional fax machines?
To send a fax you have to have access to your fax machine. If you’re at a hotel – expect to pay high per page faxing rates. If you’re at your desk, or on the road and you have to send a fax, you’ll have to look for the nearest Kinkos or beg a local coffee shop to help out.
For those who receive faxes, when a fax comes in – you won’t know it until you check out your fax machine.
eFax enables you to receive a fax, wherever you are.
You can respond to clients much faster and more efficiently than with a traditional fax.

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