Email Hosting from Verizon Business. Does Brand Matter

Outsourced email hosting is exploding – Bluetie, MI8 (been doing this before there was dirt),, WebOffice, Google, HyperOffice, and so many more (not to include many ISPs and web hosts like Hypermart)
However, one name that is different – is Verizon Business. Why? They have extensive brand recognition.
It’s going to be interesting as more and more “brand” companies offer services that many newer companies have been offering for years.
A Verizon press release reads The worldwide hosted business e-mail segment and the managed e-mail provider market will grow at average annual rates of 11 percent and 10 percent, respectively, over the next four years, according to research firm The Radicati Group Inc.
Verizon Business provides customers with options for shared and dedicated Hosted Messaging services, depending on each business’ needs. The shared offering is a fully managed, on-demand messaging service for a customer’s Microsoft Exchange environment. For customers demanding greater control and larger custom e-mail requirements, Verizon Business offers a dedicated Hosted Messaging service based on Microsoft Exchange 2003 technology. Verizon Business also offers a Hosed Secure IM service based on Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) and Symantec IM Manager.
When you are looking for technology services for your company how much does brand matter?