Flickr: Make Your Photos Come to Life

Some people just love shopping for clothes or shoes. Some people can spend all day tinkering with their car. In my “free time” I like to play with online tools. I’ve been using, off and on, Photobucket to host photographs for various things. It’s pretty good. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking that it just seemed to be a bit limited. Something didn’t seem quite right.
I then realized, all the web sites I’d been to were using Flickr. So I went over to Flickr and what a refreshing blend of options – much more than Photobuket.
Photobucket let’s you store photos but Flickr offers so much more – including an offline tool to help you more easily upload photos. Flickr gives you more storage options and more flexibility in what you can do with you photos.
The only thing I don’t like about Flickr is that it has so many options and you have to dig around a bit to find everything.
Check out the left side, bottom of to see my montage of small business influencers. The static image is what you see here.