Getting Tech Help

Wall Street Journal (no subscription needed) has a nice article about tech help available for small businesses.
It goes hand in hand with the article I wrote today about remote support.
When it comes to IT, small companies usually look close to home for help. Most of them can’t afford to hire a full-time tech staffer, so they find a local firm to set up their computer systems and take care of problems as they arise.
Now large national chains are making a grab for that outsourcing business. They’re setting up service programs geared toward small and midsize firms, promising a greater breadth of services, at a lower cost, than local competitors.
CM IT Solutions Inc., a national chain that has handled IT outsourcing for more than a decade, recently introduced a streamlined service package aimed at small and medium-size businesses. Best Buy Co. has set up small-business stores inside many of its outlets, offering consultation, installation and service deals. Dell Inc. sells service plans to small businesses that buy its hardware, and provides tech tutorials on its Web site.

Read the full WSJ piece here.