“I don’t use a computer and I’m proud of it”

You might not believe it, but some CEO’s think that because they don’t use a computer or don’t know much about technology, that they are great!
Not being able to use technology and especially not even appreciating how technology can aid in business, is just plain stupid.
John Chambers, CEO of Cisco tells USA Today Brilliant leaders will be successful even if they play with one arm behind their back. But the great leaders of the future will absolutely know technology. Not from a geeky perspective, but from a practical business approach.
Technology is not for everyone, but everyone, especially every CEO should appreciate and understand that technology is what is going to take their business to the next level.
You can have a wall full of degrees and know finance like I know NYC. But if you:
– don’t appreciate technology,
– encourage your staff to use it and
– allow your IT consultant and/or IT expert on staff to develop a technology strategy
your competition is doing these things and will start to slowly (or maybe quickly) squeeze your profits, your speed, customer service and other things that technology can play a role in helping you do better.