IBM and 3Com Tout Integrated Communications

System i is IBM’s answer to the blossoming of PC based servers, like weeds, in a company. Very small businesses, probably get by on 1 – 3 servers. However, as your business grows, you’ll probably find that you need a server for email, databases, file and other applications.
IBM and 3Com have joined together to integrate IP telephony with email, messaging and core business process applications on a single, secure platform – the Series i.

What does this mean to you?
IBM’s press release reads The System i Integrated Collaboration solution will feature unified communications capabilities to help customers increase productivity, lower costs and streamline operations. Because it runs on a single System i, it is easier and less expensive to manage than competitive Windows-based, multi-server offerings.
If your business is growing and servers are blossoming, as IBM touts in its advertisements, consider server consolidation.