Is Fear Holding You Back

Nancy Shenker, pr Diva of the OnBlog and owner of PR firm, theONswitch writes that fear of new things often keeps us prisoners within ourselves. Her post is entitled, ” Cenophobia = fear of new things”.
Fear can prevent us from doing things we should or wish we could do.
Many people fear technology and this fear often keeps them from maximizing technology to its fullest potential.
How can you conquer this fear?
1. Take some classes reviewing the technology you are in most need of help in. If you really know absolutely nothing about computers – take a basic computer class. If you need help with other things – blogging, mobile computing, etc – take classes in these.
2. Ensuring you have a local technology consultant handy is a good step as well. As I’ve said so many times, this consultant is not someone you call from time to time, but they should be a part of your management team (a team of 1 or team of 10).
3. Reading really helps. Get a copy of Smart Computing, Inc Magazine (nice tech section), Entrepreneur (also good tech sections) and discipline yourself to go through them on a regular basis.
4. Talk to your friends who aren’t so afraid of technology and learn from them.