Is Mobile Advertising For You? A New Report Can Help

There’s a new report about, about mobile advertising, that you might want to check out.
The online advertising market is booming and it works if you do it right. What about advertising on cell phones and PDAs though?
As more and more of your customers carry their offices and lives in their pockets via mobile devices don’t you think you should follow them there – discretely?
Advertising on mobile devices is a VERY delicate task. Advertising on a web site is one thing, but advertising on a cell phone can be quite annoying and a turn off, if one correctly. I use Avantgo to read online news and other content and there is advertising there – which is fine. However, the turn off would be for me to start receiving spam SMS.
Clickz writes about mobile advertising here.
Mobile Advertising: Opportunities & Illusions, from Research and Markets Ltd is the result of more than 35 in-depth interviews with leading merchants, software tool developers, mobile operators, and content providers. The report presents the six steps to mobile advertising success. It explains and compares the major mobile advertising capabilities, and discusses how the evolution of mobile handsets, networks, and related technologies will fuel mobile advertising. The report also contains a directory of 50 select mobile advertising vendors.
Additional conclusions found in Mobile Advertising: Opportunities & Illusions:
– The mobile phone presents unique opportunities to interact directly with consumers. One-way sales pitches squander those opportunities. We recommend mobile ads that engage end-users through contests, giveaways, and special promotions.
– Ease of use is the Number One challenge to mobile data (and therefore mobile advertising) success. Independent mobile information services that push desired content to mobile users, preloading it when possible, and using a mix of mobile phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth access when necessary, are the solution.
– Most mobile content will be advertising-supported. The best way for mobile operators to monetize advertising is by selling merchants rules-based access to millions of subscribers. Successful operators will treat merchants like enterprise customers, offering them mobile marketing subscriptions backed by an array of management tools.
I have not read the report yet, but it sounds like it could be useful reading if advertising to a mobile customer base is important to you.
For a complete index of this report click here.