Lawyer in a Box for Small Businesses in a Bind

Often times you need some legal documents, have a question or just want to do some research on business topics. Your local lawyer is a great source to turn to, but the cost might not be in your budget. Maybe they’re busy and can’t see you when you want.
If you’re looking for a real fast and low cost source of legal documents and basic legal research, check out Avanquest’s MyAttorney.
You can access 1,000+ Legal Documents for Your Business & Personal Needs and Receive Legal Help from Expert and Credible Sources, according to their web site.
At a cost of $40, the videos and documents you can access from your desktop could be worth the time you can save by researching questions and having a better sense of the “law” than just guessing.
MyAttorney has Articles of Incorporation and Non-disclosure Agreements, wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. You can also access tips and tools to for your business and personal legal affairs. You can get live legal advice from real lawyers, visual help through multimedia videos, and over 7,000 legal definitions from the Plain Language Law Dictionary.
Another sources of legal information is