Lo Fonera – Free Wifi or $2 a Day

The brains of smart people never cease to amaze me. Fon a Spain based company has launched a WiFi service.
I think it’s pretty neat – the technology and the idea.
You buy a $40 router, called a La Fonera (FON Social Router) from FON. At home you access your broadband connection on one channel (for free of course) and other people connect to your broadband connection for $2 per day or for free. You choose.
When you are away from your home (or office) you can connect to other FON users for FREE. Simple.
FON categorizes its users into three groups:
Most of us are Linuses. That means that we share our WiFi at home and in return get free WiFi wherever we find a FON Access Point.
Aliens are people who don’t share their WiFi yet. We charge them just Ä/$ 3 for a Day Pass to access the FON Community.
Bills are in business and so want to make some money from their WiFi. Instead of free roaming, they get a 50% share of the money that Aliens pay to access the Community through their FON Access Point. They can also advertise their business on their personalized FON Access Point homepage.
Check out FON today and see if its for you.

One thought on “Lo Fonera – Free Wifi or $2 a Day

  1. Nick Braak

    Fon are definite pioneers. Their concept is totally unproven, but, they are really giving it a go.
    The direction is positive and more about altrusim than Silicon Valley.
    I say more power to ’em.
    Oh, they do speak Spanish, but are based in Spain, not Argentina.

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