Nick Braak’s Daylight Saving Time Cheat Sheet

I have the latest version of Windows XP and so I figured that all just fine with my computer. I was wrong.
Nick Braak, long time IT guru, had sent me (and others) a DST cheat sheet which showed that I was not 100% protected.
Microsoft Outlook requires a separate tool to update itself. See Nick’s cheat sheet below.
Thanks Nick.
Exec summary: The DST fix for Windows is a hot item. Microsoft only provides an automatic fix for XP SP2, everyone else needs third party tool. And ALL Outlook users who use a calendar need to run a MS program which changes the appointments.
Nick’s quick guide to what needs fixing:
Windows XP with SP2: you’re covered
Windows Vista: you’re covered
Windows server products: see the Microsoft list:
Windows XP with SP1: you need a fix
Windows 2000: you need a fix
Windows NT: you need a fix
Windows 98: you need a fix
Windows 95: you are beyond hope
Microsoft does have a manual fix. It’s very complex. Forget it. Download a free tool instead. Scroll down to the free tools section. Takes a minute and you’re set.
For ALL version of Microsoft Outlook: the calendar must be updated with the Microsoft Time Zone tool. Takes a couple of minutes to run. Get
Sun Java for ALL version of windows: go to and verify your installation with the free tool. If an update is needed it’ll be downloaded.
Palm /Treo: everyone needs an update
Everything else with a calendar (time and billing, crm, voicemail, database apps etc.): check the website of the provider. Or pray.
Good luck and remember to “boldly spring forward.”