Remote Support In Action: When You Don’t Need A Technician On Site

When your copy machines breaks down, one of the most reassuring things to see is your local copy technician close up his bag and tell you that everything is working just fine.
Even better, though, wouldn’t it be nice if he could repair the machine with the push of a few buttons – remotely. Imagine how much time would be saved and how much moeny would be saved by him and you.
Remote support is often not practical with a computer problem, but it is practical when your computer is not working right.
Small Business Computing gives a nice overview of how IT consulting company WechTECH Inc., uses Bomgar Corporation’s (formerly NetworkStreaming) server appliance to handle their customers technology problems remotely.
SBC writes “I would say the number of single-incident issues where we have to drive out to see a customer has been reduced by 30-to-40 percent,” says WechTECH owner and CEO Keith Wechsler. “We almost always try to do something with the remote tool first, although some customers do like to see us onsite. We’ve even done major server rebuilds remotely.”
If you find that you have to wait hours and hours or day sometimes to get technology help, as your local tech if they can help you remotely. If they can’t consider switching to a local consultant who can offer remote support or keep your local tech but also use the remote services of another company – such as WechTech, Everonit, The Utility Company or many other companies that offer this service.
Microsoft’s Small Business Server has built in remote server access so you or your IT person can repair any problems remotely.
Read the full SBC article here.
Does your company provide remote IT support? Use the comments section and let me know.

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