2.0 – What it Means to You chairman and CEO Marc Benioff spent the first 8 years of its life building up a strong customer base and preaching the benefits of hosted applications.
As it enters its 9th year Benioff is out to challenge Microsoft even more by aggressively pushing to create a platform for other software vendors.
The article I wrote about Jamcracker would be very interesting for you to read at this time.
For years, we’ve all purchased software to install on our PCs and servers but increasingly there’s going to be SO MUCH more software not only just offered via the ‘net but also better served, better designed and enabling better corporate management – just like we get with software.
What, Jamcracker and other providers are doing is building ecosystems of support and sales for hosted applications. They want to provide the foundation for other providers who might not have the infrastructure to provide their own applications. As Microsoft Windows is to software on the PC, wants to be to the Internet.
IDG reads The transition from being a straight SAAS provider to having all these new offerings can be confusing, said Laura Lederman, an analyst with William Blair & Co. in Chicago. Pulling it all together as a cohesive platform under the 2.0 moniker should spur wider understanding and adoption by customers, she said.