Secure, Encrypted, Trusted Email

For many of us, having secure email is not really that important. But there’s also many of you who do need secure email.
Either due to government regulations, competitive reasons or overall privacy/security reasons you need a solution that can ensure your private email stays private.
Voltage Security offers a range of solutions to secure your email and files on your computer hard disk. Voltage Secure eMail is a plugin you can download Microsoft Outlook (how much would it cost for software vendors to make their systems compatible with other email clients?). Or you can sign up for the Voltage Security Network (VSN) which is a hosted version – no email client needed.
Sending your email via Outlook or the web based VSN is easy.
Via Outlook you select the “send secure” button, once you install the plug-in to send secure email.
Via the VSN (the hosted version) you use the web interface.
Recipients who read your email, once registered though VSN, can read your message with no special software to download. Each secure message is sent as an attachment with a built in viewer.
Check out the hosted version here and the other Voltage products here.