Gets the Social Bug, run by my friend Rex Hammock (of Hammock Publishing) has upgraded

He writes:
We’ve added some new features that some may call “social” (we prefer to call them “conversational”) to As much as we like the Mediawiki platform on which runs, I’m convinced much of it is designed to “hide” who contributes information to sites like ours ó rather than raise the visibility of the great folks who share their wisdom here. For us, this is nothing new, rather it is a return to a feature that was very prominent on during its first iteration in the year, 2000.
What is
1. search: A narrowly-focused search engine that seeks out answers from the best web-based resources for small business owners and managers.
2. user-contributed content: On, you can currently three types of user-contributed information (and more types are being added constantly: Guides, Directories and Entries. Guides are detailed “how-to” articles. Directories are lists of links. Entries are definitions or encyclopedia-like descriptions. Currently, the best way to find what you’re looking for on is by using the search box in the left column. If you would like to correct or add knowledge to an entry, or would like to create a new entry, we invite you to do so.
3. [[News_wire| News Wire]: a headline news resource (or, aggregator) tracking stories of interest to those who manage and work at small businesses.