Sotto Wireless – Blending the Cell and WiFi Phone

Your cell phone is a nice tool, however, it costs money to use it. Your office wireless phone (via WiFi) is a nice tool, but you can’t use it outside the office.
Sotto Wireless has a range of solutions to enable small businesses to blend together cell and WiFi phones to create cost savings and features.
Sotto’s hypbrid phones lets you bypass the cellular network, when possible. Being able to make and receive calls on two separate networks – cellular or WiFi can bring cost savings to your company and more efficiency.

Linksys, owned by Cisco, has partnered with Sotto to offer a bundle of Linksys hardware which includes VPN Router, Access Point, Desktop phones and switches.
According to their press release the teaming of Linksys and Sotto Wireless provides bundled hardware and services together to help simplify buying decisions for the customer. The products and services are tested and certified to work together making it easier for VARs to offer a complete solution of hardware and service.