Studio Dell – Visual Insight from Dell

I’ve been browsing through Studio Dell’s line of online videos and like what I see.
The three main categories are home users, small businesses and IT users. The videos are all in nice sized chunks. And it’s refreshing what Dell’s put together.
There are so many sources for video content on the Internet – there’s quite a bit of clutter – and it’s hard to find useful business content. Studio Dell, Cnet and other sources are great ways for small businesses to learn more about using technology in their business.

I recently wrote for (coming up in a future article on their site) that one of the things every small business owner should force themselves to do is to educate themselves more about technology.
You don’t have to be a geek, but you should discipline yourself to periodically get up to speed on what’s happening. Whether you do this through reading, attending events or listening to online videos – make sure you do it.
If your use of technology is to only think about it when something breaks you don’t have a sustainable plan. You must use it as a strategic tool, as an asset, in your business.
Studio Dell’s content is growing – in fact you can contribute to it by uploading your own videos.