Switching to QuickBooks Enterprise

Intuit is touting a new push that highlights companies switching from large enterprise packages. The URL is quickbooksenterprise.com/switch.
With this campaign, Intuit is focusing on companies that are using an ERP solution but are frustrated and really want a lower cost and simpler solution. The switch campaign makes an interesting case for the switch.
Since over 3 million businesses use QuickBooks, it’s going to be easy to find someone to use QuickBooks Enterprise – whose interface is from QuickBooks.
Intuit’s press release reads – There are various reasons businesses are switching to Enterprise Solutions. Many are frustrated with the complex interfaces and high cost of conventional ERP systems. Others using DOS-based or custom-built systems are no longer receiving support and upgrades, and want to transition their business-critical data to an updated solution to take advantage of evolving technologies, meet customer and vendor needs, or guard against down-time in the event of a system crash.
“Mid-sized companies are often stuck between solutions that are inadequate for their needs, and those that are overly expensive and too complex,” said Laurie McCabe, vice president, SMB Insights and Business Solutions at AMI-Partners. “As most businesses grow or become increasingly multifaceted, they need solutions that offer power and flexibility, but are easy to use and won’t break the bank. That’s where QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions pays off big time for customers.”
As your small business grows from QuickBooks, Intuit wants you to know that you can stay in the family and move up to QBE. If your business has already switched to SAP, Sage MAS90, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite or some other enterprise tool and you’re not happy – QuickBooks Enterprise might just be for you.