Thinking About Hosted Applications to Run Your Business. It’s a tough choice.

hope I’m not boring you to death in writing about hosted applications, but I think it’s an important issue. Not the issue of should you use hosted applications – we all do. But the bigger issue of should you start to base your business on them as opposed to traditional software.
PC Magazine’s Michael Miller has an extensive overview of the pros and cons of Google’s apps vs Microsoft’s Software.
He writes So Google Apps isn’t ready to be a serious enterprise player yet. I can still believe that a fair number of individuals will try these applications out, and might use them alongside Office. Also, some smaller organizations may think about this as an alternative, and I can imagine larger companies using this in helping them negotiate with Microsoft. (And I can see some companies using this to provide mail and documents to people they might not have otherwise, such as competitors).
There’s pros and cons to everything we do in life – including software decisions. Trade offs is what some people would call it.
There’s no “right” way or “wrong” way, but you really have to consider how your business works and what’s best for your business.
If you base your entire operations on hosted applications – you are completely reliable on the Internet working and the application service provider being reliable.
If you manage everything yourself, you must ensure everything works fine (managing the server, the software and etc).
It’s something I’d suggest you discuss with your local consultant and get insight from the vendors (software and hosted) you are considering to work with.
Read the full PC Magazine article here. has about 30,000 customers and it’s considered a media darling. 30,000 is quite a bit of customers. But keep in mind there’s millions of businesses, hundreds of thousands of them probably ideal for’s services that are NOT it’s customers but use software. Why?

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  1. Anonymous

    As a startup offering hosted applications the last thing I want is someone to be scared that their data is locked away somewhere where they can’t get a dump of all their data. Hence everything is provided as a download to the customer if they wish, they have the choice.
    Discounting the many amazing small startups providing much more innovative services than the “big guys” just because you’re scared they might not be in business is silly, especially if they provide all your data for you.

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