Turnkey Online Video – Going Beyond Text and Banner Ads

Spotrunner’s claim to fame was making turnkey television commercials that small businesses could buy, ad their own contact information and easily display on television. Turnkey and easy to do.
Spotzer’s doing the same thing for online video advertising.
Creating text and banner advertising is pretty simple. Anyone with good writing skills can do text advertising and some graphic design skill can do their own banner advertising.
Creating and serving online video ads is different.
Although many businesses (especially smaller ones) have not fully embraced online advertising (many have but not most), and are fearful of click fraud, it’s great to see a company offering this solution.
The Wall Street Journal writes Klein said that while 37% of all dollars go towards commercials in the U.S., small businesses only spend 1% of their marketing budgets on video. The reason they’ve spent little on commercials is because commercials are cost-prohibitive for the little guy. But that’s changing.
Klein’s service offers a local merchant the ability to choose from an assortment of pre-fabricated commercials.

If you’ve tested the waters of online advertising and think that it’s time to boost things up a notch with video advertisements, Spotzer could be just the thing you’re looking for.

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