Two New Phone Services: GrandCentral and GotVoice

If you are someone who wants to (or needs to) use your phone like a Swiss Army knife and squeeze every bit of productivity out of it, there’s two services you might want to check out.
GrandCentral and GotVoice.
Both services had advanced functionality to your phone system and make you more efficient.
Tech Crunch writes about GotVoice The new features take that basic service several steps forward. First, two phones can now be associated with an account. Also, you can now compose voicemails via a flash recorder in the service (or via your phone), and deliver it to the voicemail of people in your contact list. This is great for responding to messages, or to broadcast a new message to one or more people.
The New York Times writes about Grand Central You can listen to them in any of three ways. First, you can dial in from any phone (a text message arrives on your cellphone to let you know when you have voice mail). If you call in from your cellphone, you don’t even have to enter your password first.
You can also play your messages on the Web, at, and download them as audio files to preserve for posterity. You can even ask to be notified by e-mail; a link in the e-mail message takes you online to play the voice mail.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know about GotVoice but with GrandCentral you “have” to get another phone number to use their service. Sounds like a big hassle to train my friends, family and coworkers to use a new number.

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