VOIP is Exploding: Offered by your local ISP soon

BT has launched, BT IP Voice Managed Service. This service will enable ISPs to offer their own VOIP services – competing head to head with Vonage, Skype, and other VOIP providers.
Recently my host Hypermart started offering Microsoft Exchange hosting services. Why? Web hosts and ISPs want to keep moving beyond just hosting and Internet services but want to offer turn-key services to their customers to add more revenue.
IT News Online writes Karsten Lereuth, president BT Global Telecom Markets, said, “In this changing world, the main challenges for network operators and service providers are to handle new technologies, to avoid high and hazardous investments and to reduce their operational expenditure. Next generation networks and systems enable communication providers to deliver innovative services, increase speed-to-market and improve customer service while benefiting from significant cost savings.”
What does this mean to you?
Your options for telecommunication services are increasing. You have to be very careful who you get such an important service from. Your local ISP. Your telephone company. A dedicated telecommunication services company. There’s many options available.
Microsoft recently announced that they’re selling software, “Response Point” to give smaller businesses their own phone system. I’ll have more on this later.
The choices for a broadband provider, VOIP carrier and telephone system are simply exploding.