Want Skype? Don’t Want To Install It On All Your Computers? Check out VoSKY

I really wish I could write some long oratory about VoSKY Exchange. But it’s pretty simple to figure out.
If you want to use Skype with your business PBX, you normally have to install the software on the computer of each user who is going to use it. However, Actiontec’s VoSKY Exchange is an IP Gateway that let’s PBX systems use Skype with their regular telephones.
VoSKY Exchange centralizes all Skype activities to a single computer to simplify account management, usage and billing.
K2 Inc., a global sporting equipment manufacturer best known for its K2 skis, has installed the VoSKY Exchange gateway in its corporate headquarters to allow Internet-based Skype calls to be routed to and from users’ standard desk phones over the office PBX.
The Exchange solution paid for itself in four weeks by enabling free Skype-to-Skype calls between K2 employees anywhere in the world and the main office in Carlsbad, California.
Being able to make telephone calls from your existing deskphone, but have the calls routed through Skype is huge money saver.