What NetSuite’s Deal with Cartridge Can Teach Us

NetSuite recently announced a deal (one of many) with Cartrdige world – sellers of printer cartridges.
They also announced a B2B ecommerce platform consisting of advanced functionality that extends the benefits of hosteda applications to companies’ B2B ecommerce operations. The new B2B platform encompasses features — including quantity pricing, customer price levels, minimum order amounts, invoicing with customer terms and credit limits, easy re-ordering, and multiple webstore capabilities that allow the same company to create different sites for their B2B and B2C customers.
I can remember, it seems only like yesterday, when to have great functionality for your business. You had to often shop for 2 or 3 separate solutions and string them together.
The companies that offered an “everything including the kitchen sink” solution often were strong in one or two areas but week in many of the area areas.
With NetSuite’s growth (not only them but Salesforce.com) and other vendors who provide a wide range of online online solutions big – but also small businesses – can do more to grow their businesses, while leaving the details of putting all the technology together to someone else.
My only concern, is that the more you rely on others for your business and the more you outsource your business the more important it is to really do a thorough analysis of WHO the management is behind the business.
If your entire business is built on a start-up in a garage. Are you going to sleep confident at night knowing that your business is sustainable and able to run tomorrow and 5 years from now.
NetSuite, Salesforce.com, Icode, and other hosted application ERP providers have proven themselves.
Beyond ERP, there’s dozens of great provider of hosted email, storage, CRM and collaboration technology as well.