What to Do When Your Laptop Gets Soaked?

Have you ever had one of those days when your notebook computer was sitting on the desk just fine and then all of the sudden a glass of wine was dumped onto the keyboard. You freaked out and realized it probably was damaged, only to realize that an entire glass of orange juice was then poured into it.
What do you do?

If you are really, really a geek you’ll fix it yourself.
If you belong to a huge company, your IT department either a) says sorry your notebook is toast or b) is able to fix it.
Of course most small businesses are NOT geeks. However, I thought that this video would be of interest to all of you. Sometimes we can be so afraid of technology, as I wrote about earlier.
Sometimes it’s good to really see INSIDE the technology we use every day to have a better understanding that it is indeed complicated for the most part, but with the time and determination to LEARN you’ll be surprised at how easy technology can get.