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There are so many hosted applications that it’s not hard, but nearly impossible to mention them all and especially to even write much about them unless you try them out and compare them to something else.
From time to time, I’ll just mention a link and suggest you try it out. has just rolled-out an updated version of its hosted digital workplace featuring enhanced task management capabilities, including to-do lists, trouble ticket management and task-based time tracking. is a subscription based service of collaboration software developers Designlinks International. The service is designed to minimize costs and deployment issues by allowing enterprises to hit the ground running with a fully-functional and ready-to-use project and customer management environment aimed at boosting the effectiveness of distributed teams.
Worksmart offers not only the off-the shelf functionality which is now common in many competing platforms (document management , web-folders, on-line calendars, e-mail, forums, task management, contact management, business process and project management tools, etcÖ) but also a flexible environment which includes the ability to develop customized site templates, custom database templates, as well as to define complex user access permissions.
The service is especially popular with professional services firms who use it for project-based client management in an intranet/extranet configuration, and this latest release, inspired by customer requests, enhances the position of the service in the lower volume / higher value CRM arena by enabling the management of project and/or customer specific issues/trouble tickets. The time-tracking functionality will be of particular interest to those organizations which use time-based billing.

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  1. Jacques Fade was upgraded again in July 2007. Here is the press release:
    Online Business Solutions: announces new release widens functional scope with ready-to-use business solutions templates and custom development environment.
    Online business solutions provider has just released new ready-to-use solutions templates for its subscription-based hosted digital workplace. The business functions now covered include not only project and customer management, but also HR management, marketing management and support services. The service also features substantially enhanced WorkSmart Web Databases, providing an environment for users to quickly design, build and deploy further custom solutions tailored to their unique business processes and information sharing needs. was designed to minimize costs and deployment issues by allowing enterprises to hit the ground running with a fully-functional and ready-to-use digital workplace aimed at boosting the effectiveness of distributed teams.
    With this latest release, goes far beyond the standard “office on the web” functionality now common in many competing platforms. provides at no extra cost a development environment which delivers unlimited sites with user defined structures, complex user access permissions, and multiple web databases. Each database and its multiple views can be populated and modified “on the fly” through the front end using a spreadsheet-like interface which offers a full array of field types, input validation, audit trails, and bulk commit and rollback of records. This delivers a flexible way to capture, organize and share in a single integrated environment any type of business information such as time and expense sheets, stock sheets, asset management records, etcÖ The data can be imported and exported from and to standard formats. The expense and effort of installing desktop-based boxed applications is eliminated, together with the whirlwind of e-mails which accompanies the chaotic upload and download of multiple versions of spreadsheets, databases and other documents.
    Jacques Fade, Head of Communications at Designlinks International, the developers of, says: “I believe we are now offering the optimal balance for rapid deployment. We deliver both the quick wins of a fully functional web office “out of the box” and the flexibility of a fully customizable environment that requires no specialist development skills to configure. Our SAAS model provides the benefits of an integrated digital workplace in a zero up-front investment context for as little as $7 per user per month. ”
    A fully functional 21 day free trial of the enhanced service is available at

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