Yahoo Launches Web Hosting

Yahoo’s Small Business Section has always been pretty good and full of information. It’s services, such as web hosting, email and e-commerce have also been quite robust.
They’re now launching a new service that offers a template based web building tool.
John Jantsch writes The initial designs are very up to date and stylish. The only drawback is the limited number of designs to choose from at launch. If this is going to be a serious play from Yahoo they will need to add hundreds of changing designs and explore industry specific designs.
What does this mean to you?
There is simply NO excuse for not having a web site and your own domain name.
Yahoo,, Homestead, Office Live and so many other services make it quite easy to build your own web site.
Once you build your site, make sure you do a few minimal things to get it listed on the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Also, if you rely on local business spend some time learning how to get it listed in local search results.
All the sites I mentioned above can give you guides in how to do this.
Clickz and Wilsonweb have extensive information as well.