Yahoo’s Unlimited Storage: What It Does and Does Not Mean to You

Yahoo is now offering unlimited email storage for its customers. This is not for business, but for personal use, Yahoo says. However, there’s so many businesses, especially ones just starting out that use Yahoo mail for their personal email.
I strongly encourage businesses who want a professional image to get a domain name and not rely on an email address like “” or something.
Many business owners, don’t know that with a few simple mouse clicks on their web hosts web site they can enable web hosting with their own domain.
What does this mean to you?
1. Yahoo’s unlimited email, means that most likely Google and MSN will go that route as well. As a backup solution, it’s good for anyone to use.
2. Going back to the domain issue. If you received two business cards from two home builder contractors. One said and the other said which one would you want to do business with – assuming everything else was equal?
There are many providers, including your web host that can host email for you. You don’t even have to host it yourself.
Blue Tie, Google, MI8, St. Bernard’s Live Prism,, Office Live, Hyper Office, WebEx Office, and so many others offer email hosting.
It’s not going to be “free” but would you really want something “free” to base your business on. It’s better to pay for something and get reliable service and 24/7 support.
Who do YOU use for email hosting?
Read the full story about Yahoo’s email offering here.