Archive of April 2007

Intuit Developers Network: Why Programming for QuickBooks Is HOT

Creating an ecosystem of independent software programmers who can create add-on software to extend the features and usability for their core products is important to software companies. Shannon Adkins, group manager for the Intuit Developer Network and QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace gives us some more insight into what’s going on with Intuit’s QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace. The […]

vFlyer: Classified Advertising For the Digital World

Classified advertising is a big, big market. Right now, the huge chunk of classified advertising appears to be consumer to consumer and less business to business. However, if you are a small business owner and you have something to sell – maybe it’s excess inventory you want to sell as efficiently as possible. Right? vFlyer […]

Take Your Black Berry and Verizon Around the World

Verizon Wireless is a great company. Great phones and excellent customer service. However one problem they’ve had is that they didn’t offer phones one could use in the US and overseas. While Verizon Wireless uses a US based CDMA the rest of the world uses the more popular GSM. RIM and VZW recently announced a […]

An Overview of Blogging Services / Software

Building your web site is pretty easy. There’s dozens of tools (online services and software) you can purchase to do this. If you decided you want basic, static, web site. Go no further. However, if you want to infuse rich information and content to your audience, a blog is the way to go. There’s many […]

Getting Leads Online. Not Just “Impressions”

When marketing your business online, what’s most important to you. Seeing your cost per click advertisement on Google or some other search engine, or having the phone ring with a “sale” on the other line? Advertising on the internet is relatively easy. You can place an advertisement on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and/or one of […]