Adding Snap To Your Web Site with a Snap Shot

From time to time I visit web sites and prior to clicking on the link get a pop-up that previews the web site linked to. I think it’s pretty neat. It enables you to view the web site before visiting it. Why would you need to do this? Maybe you’ve visited the web site before and don’t want to go there again. Maybe you’re not sure if the link is legitimate or not.
Snap enables you to add a “preview pop-up” for free to your site links.

Adding features to your web site, to make it as easy as possible and enjoyable for your users is a good think. You DON’T want to add features to your web site that get in the way or distract your audience.
If you have a basic web site here’s a things you could add to it:
– A Sitepal avatar.
You can use your own image or one of theirs. Use your own voice or one of theirs.

– Of course a blog is a great addition to any web site to give it life and enable the frequent updating of content
– Podcasts, if done well are refreshing
– If you have one or more retail stores make sure you add a mapping feature so customers can get from their houses or wherever they are to your establishment
These are just a few things you could consider. What are some other things?