Cool Tools 2007

I’m happy to point you to my 2nd “Cool Tools” in the New York Enterprise Report. These are tools that not only LOOK cool but are productivity boosters as well.
Tools include: Seagate Free Agent Storage, Notegram, YouSendIt, NeatReceipts Scanalizer and 4info Open Platform.
Hundreds of technology companies make hardware and software available in the hopes that you’ll buy it. Your struggle is to find the specific tools that are useful for YOUR business.
How can you find what the best tool is for you?
1. Will it help me save time?
2. Will it help me save money?
3. Will it make me more efficient?
4. What will the overall return on investment be?
5. What are the hidden costs
The way to ensure you have a box of expensive plastic is to shop for gadgets without thinking. Where you buy a gadget without thinking of how relevant it is in your business.
You should also educate your employees as well. If you have 10 employees each spending $1,000 a year on some cool tool that they THINK will benefit their business – you’re going to be wasting quite a bit of money.