Feature Rich VPN, Remote Desktop and Application Publishing. FREE and Simple

SecureIDA, by World Extend, is a relatively new service that offers businesses three things: VPN, application publishing and remote desktop.
VPN (virtual private network) provides direct and secure access to your server files. If you’re in a hotel and need to access your marketing directory files, you can access it remotely and securely.
Application Publishing securely enables remote, authorized users, access to software on your server. There could be some applications that you don’t want installed on a notebook. Maybe you want to ensure that everyone is using the latest software. Application publishing helps to do this. Instead of accessing software on their own computers, they access it on a remote computer.
Remote Desktop gives you direct access (remote control) to your computer’s desktop, as if you were at it.
What does this mean to you?
If you find that the only way you can get remote access to your files is by installing a copy of Gotomypc, Logmein or other remote control software on your computer, SecureIDA is something you want to look at. Using traditional remote control software you have to install the software on each computer you want access to. With SecureIDA you only install software once – on your server – which gives everyone on that network remote desktop access to their computer.
In order to enhance security and ensure application consistency for all users, you might want to consider having everyone access corporate applications (or certain ones at least) from a central server. SecureIDA’s application publishing tool, enables this.
VPNs are standard for remote access to the corporate networks of large businesses. Due to the expense and complexity, the use in smaller businesses has not taken off as much. Hence the popularity of tools like Gotomypc.com. SecureIDA takes these barriers away and makes VPN accessible for all small businesses.
What’s free?
VPN and access to one desktop are free. Cost start at $300 a year per company or $50 per year per user depending on what features you need.
If you are using LDAP or Active Directory, SeucreIDA authenticates your users through your existing network.
TechTarget has a very good overview of VPN here.