FileWorks – Smooth and Efficient File Storage

As you can imagine, I read about A LOT of technology. Some of the technology is like bread and butter (simple, basic, useful). Some is like broccoli and onion sandwiches (just plain nasty). Sometimes I come across technology that really, really catches my eye due to its simplicity and quick problem solving features.
FileWorks Inc makes two tools – iFile Software Suite and Fileworks online that are really nice.
It comes in two flavors – software or hosted application and enables you to easily manage file storage.
Here’s what iFile is all about (from their web site) – FileWorks iFile software works with high-speed scanners and fax servers to capture paper documents and turn them into electronic image files and data, which can be stored or routed throughout your organization. iFile captures critical information from scanned or faxed documents, EDI transactions, or XML, and stores your images in industry-standard TIFF format, enabling you to access the information through iFile’s user-friendly interface.
iFile’s intelligent imaging and workflow capabilities enable you to define business rules and processes for your documents, capture and route them to employees for review or approval, and use business information more effectively. Whether you work with invoices, medical claims, insurance applications, or any other type of document, FileWorks solutions will improve your process.
FileWorks Solutions combine iFile with powerful, reliable hardware and storage systems to optimize performance and ensure that your system is available any time you need it.

FileWorks online, the online component of FileWorks is a similar service but online. It costs $30 per month for 500MB of storage and unlimited users. Features include – digital signatures, ability to store incoming documents through in-bound fax and email, enabling access to certain documents/folders to only certain users, and indexing. One of the most difficult parts of document retention is FINDING the documents you need days, months, years after you’ve stored them.
For those in regulated industries like law or finance, FileWorks can help.
What does this mean to you? (beyond what’s already obvious).
Every business needs a server, which in most cases is fine for file storage. Microsoft’s Small Business Server, File Engine, Nitix from Net Integration Technologies, Novell’s Small Business Suite and Seagate’s Mirra all come to mind.
Services from HyperOffice, WebEx and offer online intranet/extranet services with built in document storage as well.
Companies that live and breath based on document creation and storage might need a custom solution for sharing documents, especially with those not necessarily in a physical office. FileWorks online offers an efficiently outsourced solution.