Finding Data On Your Computer and Network is “Easy”. What about Removable Stroage Devices?

Storing information on servers and computers is what just about every business does. The challenge is finding the information once you store it. This situation gets a lot messier when you and your staff start storing data on removable media such as CD-ROMs, USB drives and other media.

This is not simply an “inconvenience” but it’s also a legal issue.
Datacatch which makes software to help manage information stored on removable media, eases this process and helps businesses comply with e-discovery rules.
According to the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which took effect on Dec. 1, 2006, small businesses, including those run out of home offices, must now be prepared, at any time, to furnish “electronically stored information” that could pertain to civil litigations involving their companies.
Datacatch Librarian is a solution for small and medium business owners who are seeking a solution to manage their backup and archive data stored on removable media. You can access your company and client files, whether they’re stored on the computer or on removable media such as optical disc drives, USB thumb drives, flash memory cards or removable hard drives.
It recently announced a free add-on to its Datacatch Librarian which lets you extend Google Desktop’s search to removable media as well.
“Storage is often still an issue for many businesses,” said Lindsay Lyon, chief executive officer of Datacatch. “But it’s finding the data where businesses run into problems. Finding old files is a day-long affair or project for many businesses, and, in many cases, they never find the files. The problem, of course, becomes more pronounced when you start looking at the possibility of facing government penalties during litigation.”
Datacatch Librarian, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Windows, automatically records file details from all portable media and helps users locate stored data. The two applications are designed to help businesses manage diverse data-storage libraries that may include external hard drives, CDs/DVDs, USB thumb drives and flash memory cards.
Businesses, Lyon said, can use Datacatch Librarian to find files in seconds.