Getting Leads Online. Not Just “Impressions”

When marketing your business online, what’s most important to you. Seeing your cost per click advertisement on Google or some other search engine, or having the phone ring with a “sale” on the other line?

Advertising on the internet is relatively easy. You can place an advertisement on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and/or one of their many network partners in about 30 minutes or less.
The challenge, however, is creating the keywords, designing landing pages and optimize your site for online sales success.
Natpal is a relatively new company I just read about in Forbes
What it does is seek to not simply place cost per click advertising on web sites, but work to get you sales leads.
Forbes writes Natpal buys keywords for its clients at such sites as Google, MSN, Yahoo!, online yellow page directories and elsewhere. The primary reason: Google keywords are more expensive and may not deliver the same returns for a local business. After all, a small business doesn’t need 10,000 page views a month. It needs 10 qualified sales leads.
This is so true and you’ve got to remember it. When you purchase online advertising, the key is not IMPRESSIONS (unless you are doing a branding campaign) but the key is SALES. How many times are people buying from your web site. This can’t be measured overnight but can be measured.
Services such as’s Search Light and Small Business Resources Search Engine Marketing services can help.
You can also hire an expert in search engine marketing to help you.