Google’s Blossoming Offerings and What it Means to You.

How many of you are using Google’s email hosting options and other services?
I’m not using Google’s email hosting (yet) but do use it’s document creation / sharing tools Google Docs.
Tech Crunch reported that Google has acquired Marratech which is in the online meeting space and competes head to head with Webex.
This is not the most earth shattering news continues to demonstrate that Google is very much out to offer a range of online tools and services for businesses. As we’ve already seen via Google apps for enterprise, all of these new offerings are not going to be free. Some will be fee based and offer more storage, more support and other features.
I’ve also been looking at’s offerings. It has a free and fee based version – both are robust.
As you consider what tools and services to use for your business, YOU must consider what services are mission critical and which ones are not. Clearly, Google is not a young, under-funded start up, but a relatively mature company. Even mature companies, such as RIM can have problems (I’m referring to their recent outage – in case you had not heard about it).
Whatever you do, get the expertise of a local technology consultant (unless you have a technical guru in house – and I don’t mean just a smart secretary) who can help guide you into the right solution for your business.