How Having A Safe Web Site Can Boost Your Online Sales (incl audio)

In 2003, I introduced you to Scan Alert which provides online security certification services to online retailers (and anyone else who wants to ensure their web sit is protected).
Scan Alert’s system scans your entire network and web site on a daily basis, looking for weaknesses. When it finds a weakness it reports it to you and gives you guidanecein how to fix the problem.
It’s scanning is only half of what it offers.
It also offers one of the most popular certifications as well. Online retailers, who have safe web sites can display the Scan Alert certification seal.

If Scan Alert sees there’s a problem with your site, you have 72 hours to fix the problem or the Scan Alert certification will automatically disappear from your site until you solve the problem.
Nigel Ravenhill, Scan Alert’s Director of Marketing, explained to me that Scan Alert has seen a SURGE of growth over the past year. He’s found that companies use Scan Alert services for one of three reasons:
1. Some companies want Scan Alert’s service to scan their networks.
2. Other companies want to be able to display the certification as this seal of confidence can dramatically boost sales (studies have shown this to be true). Many consumers are still quite leery of shopping online and any extra hint of security on a web site will encourage them to shop. This aspect of security is even more important for smaller businesses.
A big site like Vermont Teddy Bear company has a pretty well known brand, in large part due to their extensive radio advertising. However, a smaller web site with virtually no brand recognition will have a harder time selling to an already skeptical customer. Using Scan Alert’s seal of “hacker safe” will help this site boost sales.
Did you know that in response to the overwhelming occurrences of credit card data theft by hackers, Visa and MasterCard have developed the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. This standard is also being enforced by American Express, DiscoverCard and JCB. It must be implemented by all merchants and their web hosts, shopping cart vendors and payment service providers.
This is another reason why many retailers are signing up with Scan Alert – for PCI compliance.
The next time you go shopping and are not sure if the site you are at is safe – look for the Scan Alert certification.
The next time someone’s shopping at your site…what will they be looking for to assure them your site is safe?
Hear Nigel’s explanation of “digital window shopping” (or price comparison) where he explains that people who feel more secure shopping at a site have less of a delay between when they visit a web site initially and when they come back to buy.

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